Kevin Recommends: “Particle Arts” by Virtual Self

Do you have an impossible amount of stuff to get done today? Feeling like you’re moving too slow to handle everything being thrown at you? Worried that you’re going to be left behind because the world is just moving too fast?

Friends, I got a solution for that. Just throw them earbuds in, crank the volume, and loop this insane EDM song on repeat — I guarantee you that shit will get handled.

EDM isn’t what I usually go for — I like synthy stuff, sure, but EDM is frequently too overwrought for my tastes. But something about this track gets me. When I listen to this shit I feel like I’m tearing through a cyberpunk dystopia on a fucking Tron lightcycle. It makes me feel like anything is possible, because I’m in the future, and nothing can hold me back because it can’t catch me.

Ascend with me, my dudes.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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