Andy Recommends: “Love You Madly” by Cake

Whenever I hear this song come on, I’m only a few thoughts away from Jason Segel’s penis.

It’s the intro song to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, easily one of the funniest movies ever made. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest you stop reading and go watch it, since you will also then hear this song. Either way, I’ll explain myself.

The song fades out right before the first scene, where we see Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), on his way to transition from a post-shower towel-wrap to fully clothed, get caught off guard by his girlfriend standing in his living room. Happy to see her, he hip-shakes his penis at her. You don’t see it, but you laugh.

He then realizes she’s there to dump him, and in his panicked sorrow, drops his towel. You and everyone else in the movie theater get a surprise full-frontal, and begin laughing hysterically at this sobbing, buck-naked man as his heart is broken. It’s no wonder that Peter becomes melancholic for the rest of the movie.

That melancholy and silliness is exactly Cake. They’re the Rom-Com of music. At first, “Love You Madly” comes off as a chipper love song, and then as quick as you weren’t seeing Jason Segel’s penis before but now are, it becomes the desperation of someone in a shitty relationship where a discussion about the Christmas ornaments turns into a knife fight. It’s brilliant, because whether you’re looking to smile while you cry, or just smile, it works.

(Song recommendation by Andrew Len)

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