2 Ways You Can Contribute to Memoir Mixtapes

Just to clear up any lingering confusion, here is a quick & dirty guide to the two main ways you can contribute to the Memoir Mixtapes project.

Before we start, one important message: You can absolutely do both!

1. Looking for a serious commitment?

Write a personal essay or poem inspired by your first song obsession for Issue #1. These will be longer (3–7 pages is the ideal range, though we are flexible), more artistic pieces.

Many people have asked if they can write about a full album, and I don’t see why not, but we would prefer to see some more emphasis on one track that we can include as part of the Mixtape/playlist we’ll publish & share along with the issue.

You can read the original call for submissions here. Email your subs to hello@memoirmixtapes.com

2. Looking for a quick fling?

Write a short song recommendation that we can publish as part of our daily series here on the blog. Read this great recommendation from our first guest contributor to see an example of how it can be done (but you are fully encouraged to bring your own personal style/voice to your recommendations.)

If you create a Medium account, we can add you as a contributing writer, so you will be noted as the author and people can click over to your Medium page and learn more about how awesome you are.

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