Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1/ B-Sides

Let it Ring by Justin Rodgers

If I yelled
Would it reach you?
We could talk endlessly and still say nothing real
On that boardwalk off Ward Island
Sitting on the edge of the pier
The squawking seagulls have more to say
We get drowned out by the rush of the tide and waves
Let it ring…

If I played a song
Would you feel it?
I’ve played to an audience
At the Ruth Taylor Recital Hall
The saddest piece I know
Chopin’s Nocturne in C-sharp Minor
And still they only cheer
A woman walked up to me and said
“It reminded me of my wedding night.”
Let it ring…

If I fought?
Would it hurt you too?
Like when I was bulldogging
Hand on one horn
Elbow around the other
Pulling and pulling, forcing the steer my way
Throwing him until all four legs are in the air
If only I could wrestle people the same way
Maybe then they could feel
The same way I do
Let it ring.

I feel wrapped in chains
Ball gag in my throat
Struggle as I might to express myself
Through words, feelings, force
People are deaf, blind, and numb to them
No one can see past the surface to the real me
Let it ring.

These broken pieces of the past
I want to shove them in someone’s face
To open their eyes
Open their ears
And maybe then my howls
Will finally resonate
Let it ring!

Let it ring!

About the Author:

Justin Rogers is a new poet on the scene with a few publications in BlazeVOX, Spillway Poetry Magazine, and Greenlight Literary Magazine. He lives in southern Texas where he mostly listens to pop music and his favorite song at the moment is “Havana” by Camila Cabello.

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