Allaire Recommends: “Hang On” by Weyes Blood

If you haven’t already listened, Weyes Blood (pronounced Wise Blood, after Flannery O’Connor’s novel of the same name) is the singer/songwriter who will ruin all other singer/songwriters for you. Her haunting voice and canny lyrics supply the best music has to offer: levity & heartbreak, ecstasy & pain, groove & syncopation. Her songs are so rich that it’s hard to listen to other music after feasting on one of her albums; there just aren’t many musicians who are able to capture such complexity with as sweet a sound.

Weyes Blood is scheduled to release her fourth studio album on April 5th, 2019. Titanic Rising will be her follow-up to Front Row Seat to Earth, released in 2016 to indie acclaim. She has already released two singles from her new album — “Andromeda” and “Everyday” — which deliver on the promise she codified in Front Row Seat to Earth. Weyes Blood is as talented a multi-instrumental musician and absurdist song writer as we’ve ever heard.

As with all singles, though, their thrill is quickly diminished after listening on loop for hours — let’s be honest, days — on end. So, after you’ve listened to her new singles so many times that you can’t stand to listen anymore (but also can’t stand to listen to anything else) dip back into her 2014 album, The Innocents, with the track “Hang On.” This highlight captures the best of Weyes Blood: her stirring voice, deeply emotional lyrics, and instrumental complexity that crescendos and breaks along with your heart. Despite being five years senior her new singles, this deep cut is equally as engaging as her newer material, while maintaining an identity unique to The Innocents.

April 5th can’t come soon enough. Until then, “Hang On.”

(Song recommendation by Allaire Rae Conte)

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