Announcing Our Best of the Net Nominees!

As a fairly new kid on the block in the lit scene, this is the first year we’ve been in a position to nominate work for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net Anthology.

We have received so much brilliant work since we started this project just over a year ago, and we are so grateful to every single contributor we’ve had the honor to publish thus far in our journey. Their stories have made us laugh, cry, cringe, and smile. They’ve taken us back to some of our own memories, and they’ve fully immersed us in experiences completely foreign from our own. They have made us feel connected to the larger human experience in very powerful ways, all through the lens of the universal magic that is music.

While we knew that choosing just six poems and two prose pieces from our first five volumes would be a nearly impossible undertaking, we also knew that we couldn’t let this opportunity to further promote some of the writers who have brought our vision to life with expertly crafted and truly moving personal stories pass us by. It was difficult, but we think we managed it.

And so, without any further ado, we are very excited to share our 2018 Best of the Net nominees:


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