Ben Recommends: “Immunity” by Jon Hopkins and King Creosote

If you put a weapon in front of my face and force me to shout out an absolute truth, I’ll tell you that the world needs more sleep-driven music. Songs that act as bedtime lullabies. Songs to make our eyelids as heavy as boulders. Playlists and albums and compilations of songs that beckon Mr. Sandman. Tunes that transition us into slumbertime.

Producer/musician Jon Hopkins released an album called Immunity back in 2013. While the album dances with elements of house and electronica, the final song is a self-titled, 9:56 ambient journey, one full of sweeping soundscapes and intricate textures. If you play it while I’m at a party, sweating, sipping Bacardi, I’ll stop dancing, I’ll shed a tear, and I’ll find the nearest pillow.

Seventeen months after the release of the Immunity LP, Hopkins released the Asleep Versions EP, making for an even sleepier experience. The opening track is also called “Immunity” and picks up right where the LP finishes. You can loop them into a sleepy infinity and never get out of bed. This time around, vocalist/musician King Creosote assists with the track (the two released a collaborative album in 2011 that demands Kleenex), creating a truly emotional and calming 6:23 ride to the moon, where every canyon is a pillow, where every valley is a blanket, and where every spacesuit is lined with memory foam.

(Song recommendation by Ben Niespodziany)

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