Bethany Recommends: “Falls” by Odesza

Living in LA is stressful.

I can remember breaking down into tears multiple times during the first week of living here. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and thought moving an hour and half away to go to college was a huge step in becoming an adult. Little did I know that packing up my jeep to drive to Los Angeles, California would be a little more defining.

Since I got a drivers license at 16, driving around and listening to music has been my thing. I’ve always loved to drive and used to do it just as a reason to leave the house. I even enjoyed the drive to and from California to Missouri. All 2000 miles of it. But, my love of driving quickly faded after I moved to California for good and began working in downtown LA.

 Back in Missouri, our idea of traffic was a slow down to 20 mph during highway interchanges. I was in for a treat when I saw what the LA streets had in store for me.

After being here five years, it seems like a way of life. And no matter the traffic conditions, I always have music going. It’s my way of mediating. My thoughts clear and the music eases my mind to bring out the stresses from the day.

Lately, “Falls” by Odesza has been my car anthem. If you’re having one of those days, it’s the perfect song to belt out alone in your car (while surrounded by hundreds of other people in their cars.)

It has just the right amount of drama and emotion to match any hardship one may be going through. Whether it be a break-up or some rude person just swerved into your lane and didn’t even need to get off at the next exit. You just gotta feed your emotion into the song. It’s less expensive than a therapy session, and much needed if you want to remain sane in this city.

Side note: this has only been tested if you sing/scream the lyrics along with song. So next time you’ve had a bad day, or if you feel like just listening to a dope song, check out Falls by Odesza.

(Song recommendation by Bethany Schluter)

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