Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1 / Track 5

Who Would’ve Thought It Figures by Eric Wallgren

Growing up, there’s this dumpy room in my parents’ basement with a ripped up couch and a T.V. that I watch too much of. Mostly I watch Nickelodeon, but one day I go down there and I see something else that blows my mind. There’s this woman in a car with three of her identical friends. Four of her. Why is there four of her? The one in the back draws with her fingertips. The one riding shotgun hangs out the car window—fucking crazy—and the one driving, she sings. The song is “Ironic.” And the duplicated woman is Alanis Morissette. I’m six years old and I’ve just come across my new obsession.

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Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1/ Track 3

Heart of Glass by Cate Meighan

Monday morning. It’s like a curse if you work as an entertainment reporter. Deadlines never feel more pressing and the close of another weekend inevitably opens up to a day full of catching up on who is fighting, dating, divorcing and dropping new music while trying to curtail a potential scandal. From my perspective, life for celebs would be a whole lot easier if they took a page from the life playbook of an average Joe and kept their clothes on, paid their bills, and remembered that the Cloud makes everything accessible. Monday morning and here I sit buried beneath work and unsure of where to start. While I figure it out I decide to go back in time and listen to a few old tracks that will prepare me for an interview with an old school musician later today.

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Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1/ Intro

Jukebox Girl

You can find me
at the five and dime
soda jerk counter

I’ll be in my
bobby socks
eating banana splits

I can’t promise you
a rose garden
but I can tell you
love is in his kiss
and what really happened
on the Tallahatchie Bridge

Put another quarter in
I only exist
when the needle hits
and I start to spin

Author Bio:
Ann Kestner is the founder and editor of the online literary journal
Poetry Breakfast. For over 25 years her poems have appeared in various journals. She is the poet in residence at the Poetry and Arts Barn in Cream Ridge, NJ where she hosts a variety writing groups and poetry readings.