Cory Recommends: “A Good Year for Spiders” by Ken Nordine

In the northern hemisphere autumn has arrived and is moving with the haste of an angry ghost toward winter. The trees are bare and click in the night wind grown cold and unkind. Here in Minnesota the overnights have moved past flirting with freezing tempratures.

At the tail end of this declining season is Halloween. (It’s a holiday that I’ve only taken a keen to as an adult. Turns out being a Type 1 diabetic on Halloween is a real drag as a kid. But cosplay is cool and now I can more or less control my candy lust, so its fine, but I digress…) Long considered the most important night for those who like creeps, crawls, screams, and horror, the holiday has given rise to no shortage of songs about monsters. The monster I get squeamish about haunts the corners of my basement and gives me plenty of heebies to go with my jeebies: Spiders. Giving them their proper due is Ken Nordine with “A Good Year for Spiders”.

His smoky rumbling voice and his dark tone place his musing on the cosmology of spiders one step away from full on formication. Turn down the lights and get ready to have your skin crawl.

(Song recommendation by Cory Funk)

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