Cory Recommends: “Can’t Stay With You Baby” by Jimi Tenor

I used to dance.

Was a regular on the floor.

Had signature moves.

Even a song the DJ used to play when I walked in.

Yeah, it’s hard even for me to believe it anymore.


You say it’s sad how my hips and shoulders demure even at weddings when the floor is open to any fool or lover. You’ll swear you saw a head nod, some sympathetic emotional resonance with the woofers, in the corner of your eye to a certain beat. But maybe it was just the lights and the open bar.


You never ask why I stopped. I never plan to explain.

We wash the dishes in peace and quiet, a split level in the suburbs, cats, kids.


Sometimes on the commute, a waking dream takes the wheel…

A warm evening.

The sun soon to tumble into setting and the city lights waiting for their chance to shine.

Car windows down but without the traffic noise.

Bassline thump thumping in the back seat.

I find a cab to drive me downtown.

(Song recommendation by Cory Funk)

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