Cory Recommends: “Spectrox” by The Sevateem

I learned a new word: Folksonomy. It’s defined as a user-generated taxonomy. I’ve got a music related folksonomy I want to share with you: A perfect album.

A perfect album is one in which every song is good. You wouldn’t skip a single track no matter what order they came up in. For me, it’s a surprisingly small number of albums that land in this category, but a new member to the class has been added! The Caves by The Sevateem.

I’ve listened to this album six times (now seven) in the two days I’ve owned it. Knowing that, and the classification of this album in my own folksonomy, please consider this recommendation as a starting point for further research, not only about the songs, but about the clever concept of the album too.

The first song on the album that I found myself singing along to was “Spectrox”. It is a delicious electro-pop ditty that flows and bops for three and a half minutes with a four on the floor beat and a dreamy melody on top. The vocals are soft and accessible, but that is a piece of misdirection as you listen to their message. Don’t let the seeming simplicity of the song fool you.

(Song recommendation by Cory Funk)

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