Cory Recommends: “Star Wars Theme” by David Matthews

There is a strange cycle happening in pop culture. Star Wars is rising in popularity again. Well, it’s not like the idea has ever really faded from the hive mind since the theatrical release of A New Hope, but the hype around the merchandising and new films is back to a pitch like it was when I was young. For point of reference, I saw Empire and Jedi in the theater on original release. I still have my original Millennium Falcon, too.

This crazed fever marketing dream came back in ’96 as well when the prequels launched. Nowadays the peak noise isn’t as loud, but the hum of Star Wars is constant in terms of toys and t-shirts.

What is missing now, something that was part of the original phenomena, is perfectly summed up with this track released in the original sweetheart phase of 1977, captured in an approach free from irony. The original movies were such a cultural watershed that even the pop charts were subject to their sway.

First: no, this isn’t the guy who released “Crash”. David Matthews is a different guy.

Second: this version of the main Star Wars theme wasn’t a hit, but several other takes on it (I’m looking at you, Meco) were.

So why recommend this particular version? That guitar jam at 1:45! Hell yeah! I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I believe in liking something because I like it and I like this take on the theme. I hope you do too.

(Song recommendation by Cory Funk)

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