Dale Recommends: “Tulsa Queen” by Emmylou Harris

I love Emmylou Harris for so many reasons. She is a great picker of songs, blessed with the voice of an angel. She always chose to be surrounded by the best musicians from Albert Lee to Ricky Skaggs.

Of course, we owe her discovery to Gram Parsons, the sort of mythical musical creature that, if you haven’t discovered him, go forth and sin no more. The album where this song first appears, Luxury Liner, is named for a Parsons song. This beauty was written by Emmylou and Rodney Crowell and exudes sadness and longing and all the qualities so much we have lost.

I got to interview Emmylou once, in 1992. I told my mom before going that if Emmylou wanted me to go on tour with her and be her lover, I was going to do it. My mom replied, “As long as she pays for your college, I don’t care.”

Enjoy, and try your best not to fall in love with Emmylou.

Dale Wiley is an author of three novels: The Intern, Sabotage and Southern Gothic. He is a podcaster, working on the Soutee podcast about a larger than life friend who lived a one of a kind life that included horses, parties, law, prison and maybe even a murder. He is working on a TV project called The East Side, and also started the roots rock record label Slewfoot Records.

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