Elise Recommends: “Busy Earnin” by Jungle

Warning: this song/video may prompt you to take a hard look at your current career trajectory.

The year is 2014. It’s nearing the end of the semester and foolishly, you are in law school. Your days are spent in the library, from open to close, studying for exams. You wear little to no make up and shower only occasionally. You’ve eaten your weight in Vietnamese subs and candy. You hate the law. You hate the people in the library. You hate yourself. You forget what life was like before this miserable existence.

Then, like a gift from the universe, you stumble across the music video for “Busy Earnin’” by Jungle. Mesmerized by the ingenuous confluence of 70s-style funk, street fashion, and dance, you start to question who you are and why you are in law school. Suddenly, everything seems so clear. Why pursue a career in law when you could be rolling with a crew of incredible dancers decked out in flawless Adidas!?!?!

You send the video to your friends and casually canvass their interest in joining your new dance crew. You take stock of the Adidas in your closet. Regrettably, both interest in your crew and your Jungle-inspired wardrobe is limited. You graduate and become a lawyer, forever haunted by what could have been.

The above story is true. Now that you’ve read it you’ll be ready to enjoy the music video while staving off the desire to burn your own life to the ground to pursue dance. So, enjoy!

One final note: I just want to confirm that other than share this video and talk about it, the only substantive step I took towards cementing myself as a hip hop dancer was buy these Adidas shorts, which are clearly very cool.

You’re almost there, Elise.

But enough about me, zip-up your track suit and let’s do thisssss.

(Song recommendation by Elise W.)

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