Elise Recommends “Needle in the Camel’s Eye” by Brian Eno

This is Brian Eno

Good morning, welcome.

Have you heard of Brian Eno? He’s this cool guy from Roxy Music who went on to be a solo artist, producer, composer, and visual artist. You should listen to his 1974 song, “Needle in the Camel’s Eye.”

Surprise! You thought I had something clever to say about this really great song? Nope! You’re getting a photo album of Brian Eno’s flawless 70s fashion and deeply questionable hair cuts! A feast for the eyes and ears.


Lean into a bold makeup look.
Living for a black feather ruff and a satin trouser.
Beret and kimono sleeves? Yup! These items CAN be worn together
Smokey eyes 4 daze
Strategic closure of your glitter blouse is key
Serving leopard print Elrond realness 24/7 

Bless Brian Eno.

(Song recommendation by Elise W.)


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