Emery Recommends: “Punk as F*ck” by The American Analog Set


One of the saddest facts I know is that The American Analog Set isn’t making music anymore. “Punk as Fuck,” especially in autumn, reminds me of this devastating fact — though we’re very fortunate to have had them at all.

The song opens AAS’ 2001 album Know by Heart and sounds nothing like the name of the song implies. It’s a beautiful song with dreamy sounds and lyrics.

I like recommending “Punk as Fuck” both because it’s gorgeous and because you can then listen to and enjoy the rest of the album in its entirety. It’s a perfect album for chilly fall days when you just want to curl up in a fuzzy blanket and avoid the rest of the world.

The lyrics, at the surface, seem sweet —  a story of the comfort of love, perhaps. But by the end, the song demands, “Leave me to die / in the comfort of my own home,” hinting at a darker meaning. And perhaps explaining the song’s title. What’s more punk than death, after all?

So, since it’s Scorpio season, and because the days are growing shorter and the nights longer, and because winter is fast approaching, feed your melancholy and intensity with some moody jams from AAS. Start with Know by Heart and “Punk as Fuck,” light some fall candles, grab a blanket, and settle in.

It’s perfect. And worth it.

(Song recommendation by Emery Ross)

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