Emili Recommends: “Outstanding” by The Gap Band

Last evening I turned on my Bluetooth speaker and put my music on shuffle for my nightly shower. The reaction I had to The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” was nothing short of Pavlovian.

When this record comes on I cannot resist shaking my hips, swaying left to right, and straight up grooving when I hear those drum beats. The rhythm never gives up; through this song you have six holy minutes of pure dance session bliss.

Don’t forget those vocals though, this song will have you belting that resounding, contagious “Outstanding” like the R&B funk singer you believe you were born to be… or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, join The Gap Band when you’re in need of a dance-it-out session, you won’t be disappointed.

(Song recommendation by Emili Lamph)

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