Erin Recommends: “Dark Corner Dance Floor” by Phantastic Ferniture 

Every year I put out lists of my favorite albums and songs. I base them solely on what I listened to on repeat. This year Australia and North Carolina artists lived in my ears and topped my charts. I don’t know what it says about these locations, if they are the heart of emergence or if their sound is the reflection of the year I had.

It was a phoenix kind of year for me. I wrote the first draft of a novel out of the ashes of a pile of words that once told the story of retribution but became a beautiful tale of self-discovery and hope. I wrote essays, poetry, and flash that spit flames and sparked some interest.

One of the bands that I listened to over and over, used for kindling is Phantastic Ferniture, a young Australian super group: Julia Jacklin and her friends Elizabeth Hughes and Ryan K. Brennan. Their songs fueled an inner “fuck all bad assery” attitude that I used to get my self out of cold and dark piles of questioning doubt.

One of my go-to, crank-it-up songs is “Dark Corner Dance Floor.” Throw this log on your bonfire and let it burn into you, warrior paint your face, strike the page with your words and see what ignites, what lights up.

(Song recommendation by Erin L. Cork)

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