J.S. Recommends: “Goods / Gods” by Hearts Hearts

Photo credit: David Meran

Take a moment to celebrate getting over another day with the purest, finest downbeat Viennese electropop. You’re with me on this, right?

Hearts Hearts is a band of four Austrians and their innumerable samplers. They recorded their first album in a monastery, because the simulation is breaking down and ever more unlikely scenarios are emerging in its wake.

Their second album, Goods / Gods, is upon us. Its namesake single has been, in its brief time since seeing release, a novel and constant playlist addition. Its arrangement is one of swirly arpeggios, pulsing synthesizer bass, discomfiting polyrhythms, and the gauzy falsetto of vocalist David Österle. I am here for all of it. If you’re not, perhaps you’ll reconsider when you witness Rupert Höller’s accompanying video direction. Or are you not interested in surreal images of lanky, Red Squadron-besuited Austrians dancing against monolithic architecture?

Is this too arbitrary? Too clever by half? I would argue that we’re an arbitrary people. We’ve clearly abdicated whatever governs human behaviour to a random word generator that knows only Franz Kafka and Joseph Heller. How else to account for everything? In the spirit of the time, Hearts Hearts has marshalled our same appetite for the unexpected to deliver some truly stellar pop tunes. Listen and feel good about the choices you make.

(Song recommendation by J.S. Robson)

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