Jon Recommends: “Big Jet Plane” by Tuka on Like A Version

I usually don’t recommend covers. I still don’t.

To me, a cover is a cover is a cover. Rightfully so, if the artist did it right, imitation is all it takes to make the song great….but why am I gonna listen? To hear the same song but in someone else’s voice? I’m a’ight.

But sometimes a cover is fucking beyond. GATE GATE PARAGATE, know what I mean?

Here is one such song. Tuka et al. took this song apart, burned the pieces to the ground and birthed their version from the ash like Fawkes the fucking phoenix.

I’m not saying Angus and Julia didn’t do it right. Respect. But I can’t remember a word of their song (other than the chorus).

Yet here I am, singin and groovin to every word in Tuka’s “cover”. We are talking strings, lyricism, Thelma Plum, Lana Del Ray references, and some type of 3D theramin Nintendo wii air drum? Live?

The actual fuck.

Also, if you aren’t turned on to Like a Version yet…flip that switch, baby.

Lazy ear tip: skip to 1:42-ish to get down to business.

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)

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