Jon Recommends: “Fast Blood” by Frightened Rabbits

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I keep some artists to myself. I keep them hidden away, under a red light to keep them warm, only opening their box to listen. To let them breathe. In these little moments they are mine. They play music for my memories alone.

But when I share them, they take on a different form. They lose the shimmer in their tiny wings. They stand on their own two legs. They outgrow me.

You don’t cherish them like I do, and it shows. We sit in my room and I say “I want to show you a band you may like.” Two minutes into the song and you are on your phone and I’m alone, watching the fire in my little secret’s eyes start to dim. So I stopped showing you. Stopped showing anyone.

But someone came over today, and something came over me. I opened the box and poked the little band awake. And we sat and we listened.

 And the fast blood hurricanes through me…

And instead of embering out, the fire flared up. My little one now burned for two, spread its wings and danced across the sky, challenging the stars to stay in focus. And for once I saw the same fire burning in someone else’s eyes.

Nothing was hidden, and yet nothing was lost.

Maybe I’ll try letting them out more often.

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)

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