Jon Recommends: “Grip” by Pixx

*White guy in socks with sandals voice* “I’m not a compare-ist, buuut…

I love Enya.

Blame my mother for playing Shepherd Moons & A Day Without Rain nonstop as a way to soothe her neuroticism when she didn’t have food around to eat it away.

Or blame Enya for making us all want to sail away sail away sail away.

Either way, I always felt there was this void for music like this as I got older. I’d find myself going back to those albums and getting my fix, not finding anything else like it out there. Granted I wasn’t looking hard, but come on.

Imogen scratched the itch and took it further. Now there are two fuckin’ voids, thanks. The original void has been mixed with something else I didn’t know I needed, and its calming and moving and….damnit.

So here comes Pixx and Age of Anxiety ticking my ears from some radio in Spain, and…. me flipa, tio.

While I know there is no comparing one drop in the sea to the next, the hunger pangs lessen with every ever-shining note.

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)


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