Jon Recommends: “Lyla” by Big Red Machine

Listen, sometimes it’s hard to admit you are a fanboy. Not for me.

I’ll be the first to admit I ride Justin Vernon’s dick hard as hell.

I’m like that 17 yr old THC addict that looks for any gear that has a pot leaf on it so I can hold it up to my ear and let it tell me once more how cool I am.

You get it. I like Justin. Bon Iver, DeYarmond Edison, Shouting Matches, Volcano Choir, Gayngs, and now Big Red Machine.

But you ever like someone so much you get mad? Like fuckin’ HOW is this dude so perfectly expressive? How does this powerful fragile idiot articulate feelings I didn’t even know could be?

How does this godforsaken hellfiend just falsetto his way into my heart and expand it with some modulated baritone sax until I am things that have no words?

It’s a damn shame is what it is. So I listen to all of his damned projects and damn them all to the perfection they’ve already damned themselves to.


(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)


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