Jon Recommends: “Milestone 2 (Skux Life)” by Moniker

Skux life optional

You shouldn’t base your life off the movies.

That said, if you can aim to be as badass as Ricky Baker in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, you will probably at least find yourself being a bit more of a skux in all aspects of your life…

Milestone 2 by Moniker isn’t reinventing the wheel.

But with a handful of lyrics and a familiar yet new pattern, I’m movin and shakin like stoned Molly Ringwald from The Breakfast Club. That’s right, I got the fancy footwork (sup, Chromeo?).

Some days are about nothing more than cranking up the speakers and dancing, scaring your cats into paralysis in the process. Today is such a day.

I didn’t choose the skux life, the skux life chose me.

P.S. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie. You’ll be a better person. Seriously though your aura has been a bit dingy lately and it’s bringing us all down…

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)

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