Jon Recommends “Summer Friends” By Chance The Rapper

I dunno if I want to be Chance or Francis more.

Neither, but if they could just go ahead and send me a single iota of their creativity….that’d be great.

This song is a slow reverie of things to come that have already past, know what I mean?

It’s sitting around those big green electrical boxes at the park, talking about Super Nintendo & tiddies. It’s gulping as your first crush walked by and trying not to cry over a skinned knee. It’s building forts and stealin cigs and trying to see what the big deal was.

You might not have taken your Razor scooter on the same route to the the gas station as me, but when we got there we both got an Arizona and looked for the tootsie-roll pop with the star on it. Amazing what a dollar was back then.

 I know I could go on forever, but we have to drift back to the surface now.

But put your head on my shoulder, imaginary one, and stick around.

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)

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