Jon Recommends “We Know the Way” by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa’i

It’s time to consider the coconut. (The WHAT?!)

Sure, to you hip cats keeping up on the new trends, Moana is old news. But I’m still hooked on both the movie and soundtrack.

Props to Disney for hiring minds that creating absolute bangers and more instant classics than I can count. (INB4 “evil corporation illuminati” n such– add some value to your mind my dude)

It took me like 3 months not to tear up at this song in particular, and it still gives me chills. Something something connection to the planet. More importantly, they touch on something we all strive for – knowledge of self.

So kick back for all of two minutes and feel close to that innate something or other that connects us all to what we were before everything else got piled on top of it.

(Song recommendation by Jon Johnson)

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