K Recommends: “180db_” by Aphex Twin

This. Song. On. Repeat. Forever.

When the “Syro” album came out in 2014 I basically halted all my plans and responsibilities. I played “180db_” over and over (I never really stopped playing it). I always envision myself rollerskating down a long hallway of skewed mirrors and haphazard chandeliers when I listen to these beats. The synthesizers, blips, beeps, percussion and noisy gadgets propel me as I never reach a destination but keep gliding on regardless.

It’s just a fun instrumental that starts off like a metronome ticking away but builds to the sound of a metronome trying to keep up in big city traffic. I will always default to the image of myself skating like the quasi-queen of a never-ending roller rink though. I just don’t want this song to end!

Daydream away or move your body. Just be sure to keep up with the RPMs of “180db_” as this track inspires a continuum of brainstorms, curiosities, or propels you nonstop through time on wheels!

(Song recommendation by K Weber)

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