K Recommends: “Delicate Cycle” by The Uncluded

Parts of this write-up may seem familiar if you read my recent Our Lady Peace feature: a selfless friend/radio mentor, a much-loved family man in his 40s, a health anomaly… all coincidental. I even have one more similar story to tell sometime after this one…

Drazzle was a DJ’s DJ. When I started my radio show in 2011, I could count on him for moral support, answering technical questions or talking about music interests. Before I became a DJ he was a friendly, welcoming fixture on the airwaves and in the chatroom. He had 3 shows spanning genres like Celtic punk, blues, Americana, soul, country, and indie. It amazed me how Drazzle would often listen and cheer on many of us regardless of where we broadcast our shows over time.

I started another show, periodically presenting songs selected by listeners. Drazzle was my upcoming featured listener and sent me 5 songs on October 12, 2013. He hadn’t been doing his shows with regularity. His physically demanding job had landed some coworkers in the ER. Not one to complain, he asked more about my next show.

The following evening I got a call from another DJ. He shared distressing news that Drazzle had died earlier that day from a sudden heart event. I had now lost two good radio friends in a year. My show in the days that followed became a tribute. DJs, relatives, and listeners contributed requests along with his pre-selected block of songs.

A song I will forever associate with Drazzle was one he sent the day before he passed. When I played “Delicate Cycle” by The Uncluded (Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock) on his tribute show, everyone wanted to know more and enjoyed the quirkiness of his song choice.

Here’s to David Scott Rasile who brought music to the masses with kind, genuine interest. There’s no doubt his afterlife includes a vintage jukebox with endless 45s.

A gentle reminder to all: life is indeed a delicate cycle.

(Song recommendation by K Weber)

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