K Recommends: “East Side Story” by Bob Seger & The Last Heard

In the spirit of two previous recommendations I wrote in honor of DJ friends Matt and Scott who passed away, I end a sad but important trilogy. This write-up is for my dear friend and mentor, Tim “Pop” Hervey.

As with the others, Tim Pop was one of my inspirations and a big help when I was an online DJ. He did a few shows (mostly punk, glam, and heavy rock), added a country show, and had an indie-inspired show with his wife, Beth Amber.

These Michigan sweethearts gave me insight and support. They were two of a few in the DJ community I got to meet in person. We were fast friends with no lull in conversation in our real-life meeting. One of the best nights, it ended with me and Beth dancing in the Meijer frozen food aisles.

I was lucky to interact with so many musically-minded people online and in-real-life. Our group of DJs had a kinship based not just in music, but humor, big hearts, the occasional meltdown, and patience. Most of my technical woes during shows or my nudge towards hearing something new-to-me were facilitated by Tim’s kindness.

On the mic during his shows, his stories of Detroit-area music were endless. He was a fan of many and had a strong reputation as a musician; someone who valued knowing his community’s scene. Tim would randomly turn his mostly rock and punk radio shows into dance parties with Prince tracks. No matter the show or station, the role or relationships he had, Tim Pop lived.

Tim passed away on October 13, 2014, after an unexpected illness. He died exactly 1 year after our DJ friend, David Scott “Drazzle” Rasile.

Tim shared this song with me after I told him I didn’t care much for Michigan’s own Bob Seger. Tim found a song to get me to love an artist I assumed I couldn’t stand. His is a friendship I miss on so many levels.

(Song recommendation by K Weber)

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