K Recommends: “Machinery” by Jason Loewenstein

I discovered Sebadoh in 1993. I became enthralled while hearing “Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)” on a college radio show. I bought their cassettes and CDs. I uncovered records by Lou Barlow. I missed the 1994 Sebadoh show in my hometown.

In 2002, Sebadoh bassist Jason Loewenstein released his solo debut, “At Sixes and Sevens.” He was touring nearby. Finally I’d see a member of my favorite band play! The weather and drive were treacherous. Maybe 15 people showed up. The music was excellent but I left early due to snow. I saw Lou solo a year later but didn’t feel social.

In 2012 I saw Sebadoh, reunited. I was 20 years deep in fandom but too shy to meet them. I’m just not into meeting bands. I’ve been to hundreds of shows and talked to maybe 5 artists!

I added Jason (Jake) on Facebook. He responded to comments, posted often, and added me/left comments. Those simple gestures to fans meant tons! It was on FB that I learned he designed the t-shirt logo I had tattooed on my leg in 2003. He even blogged about it: click to see!

Jake seemed very approachable. In late 2012 he was doing sound for Om, who was playing one state away. It was an opportunity to hear music and say hi/thanks. This show was mind-blowing with all the instrumentation. Genres complimented one another yet ranged from light to droning. I didn’t interrupt but wanted to say something. I wasn’t going to miss the chance to meet someone who was super cool to his fans.

I said hey when he wasn’t busy. He recognized me and we went out back for some air. No photos, no fangirl weirdness… music talk, nonsense on his FB, sound duties during Sebadoh hiatus. It was better than I envisioned a rocker meet-up being. No pretense, no awkward silences. We chatted for 15 minutes.

Observed: Jake is a musician’s musician with talents in playing, recording, and supporting music. I was jazzed when he released another solo LP in 2017!

(Song recommendation by K Weber)

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