K Recommends: “Witchy Woman” by The Fresh & Onlys

No, this is not a cover of the Eagles song of the same name. Yes, the band name totally sounds like a brand of deodorant or hygiene product. These two things popped into my mind immediately when a friend mentioned this song and recommended I check it out.

I almost didn’t bother with this tune. I was too distracted by my poking fun of the name of the band and judging a song because I thought it was a cover. I am so glad I gave this one a chance. It has all the beauty of a spooky, 60s garage throwback/rock-n-roll psych out!

Right now my Midwestern bones feel every speck of autumn grey and wisp of cold and landing of leaf. This song maintains a constant chill and lyrical warnings directed at the lost that echo ghostly tales about darkened woods and weary souls. That pounce of drums at the beginning fumbles like an irregular heartbeat. We’re already straying off the midnight path and broken bridge before the vocals kick in!

I have never been able to find lyrics for this “Witchy Woman” but I enjoy piecing scenes and imagery from the words and phrases I can grasp inside the haze. Dungeons, speeding trains barreling out of Salem, struggling, “burn, burn, burn” and “turn, turn, turn” (oh that nod to The Byrds!), thieves, demons… all signs point to a person facing a very modern sort of darkness that’s dressed up as historical and storybook torment.

There’s such a gauzy groove through as well as whispers of caution and foreshadowing. ”Witchy Woman” is a dizzy sleepwalk through halls of cracked mirrors and the choke of thick smoke. I consider this track a staple for my fall and winter rotation!

(Song recommendation by K Weber)

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