Keith Recommends: “Demon Host” by Timbre Timbre

Every Fall, as October creeps into the dark and scary territory, I like to reacquaint myself with my favorite stories, movies, and songs of the season. It has become increasingly more difficult to get into the season, with what seems to be the new normal of triple-digit heat waves in what was once the onset of sweater weather. While many of Halloween’s traditions have gone quietly into the night, as temperatures creep up and the inclination to spookify homes dwindles, the spirit lives on in our melancholy little hearts.

What usually hits the spot for those vibes is Timbre Timbre, and nothing does it quite like “Demon Host”, a song about struggling to cope with death and fading faith. It’s just so eerie, and the perfect setting for the macabre table. So, close the blinds, light some candles, and feel the fear.

(Song recommendation by Keith Beshwate)

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