Kevin Recommends: “Classic Man” by Jidenna ft. Roman GianArthur

Gotta keep your look classic so your best-dressed day isn’t in a casket.

I wish I could pull off Jidenna’s dandyism, but a) I’m not sure it jives with my already firmly-established Ryan-Gosling-in-Drive-inspired A E S T H E T I C and b) I ain’t got that kind of spend for so many hand-tailored suits.

Still, he looks so cool. And this song is catchy as hell. Jidenna makes new-wave mafia life sound so damn appealing.

BONUS: Check out this chopped and screwed version used in Moonlight because it’s fucking dope.

I could go into the song’s application in the movie, with Chiron listening to a chopped and screwed version of a song called “Classic Man” and how that reflects his struggles wanting to be a better, classic man but he’s too chopped up and screwed up by life, but I think I’d need more space than I have. Either way, Moonlight was incredible. Watch it after you’re done listening to this song.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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