Kevin Recommends: “Elegia” by New Order

Have you ever listened to New Order’s “Elegia” and thought, “Man, this song is great, but it sounds kind of abbreviated. Why can’t it be like, 12 minutes longer?” If you have — well, my dudes, I’ve got something good for you today.

Most fans of New Order already know that the version of “Elegia” on Low-Life is indeed but a fraction of a much longer, much more anguished song, and — thanks to the power of the internet — I’m able to provide you with New Order’s original, un-shortened tribute-slash-group-therapy elegy for Ian Curtis.

If you needed to work through some feelings of loss today, I suggest you take aside 17:30 for yourself and work through them. Let those feelings out, don’t hold them back. We’re all friends here, and we won’t judge; we’ve all got losses to mourn.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)


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