Kevin Recommends: “Fade Away” by Trevor Something

(Trevor Something does not exist, so we don’t share photos of him.)

You know how it goes.

You meet someone new. They excite you. You think you could click with them. You start talking and things are going well. You think you’ve got a chance at a meaningful relationship, and you’re feeling pumped.

But then they fade away.

They act like they aren’t pulling away from you, but they are. Something’s got them spooked, like a deer catching a scent on the wind. You try to offer reassurances that you don’t want to hurt them, but it’s too late — there’s no getting them back. And chances are good that you’ll never know why.

This isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships; I’m sure we’ve all had this happen even with normal, close friendships. Hell, I’ve been guilty of doing it myself. Meaningful relationships are scary, and sometimes people would rather fade away than risk opening themselves up to the potential hurt that comes from others.

The pain of it stings, though. Knowing you can upset and frighten someone so deeply, so easily, simply by being present in their life — that’s a pain that stings for a long time. Yet, as with all emotional pain, music can provide a salve to help expedite the healing process.

Trevor Something has a great number of songs to choose from for dealing with whatever fucked-up problem in the human condition you happen to be facing on a given day. Today’s recommendation, Fade Away, is one of those tracks that’s perfect for putting on when you’re feeling down, and you want to hear something kind of sad, but you still want to feel cool while doing it.

To those who’ve watched helplessly as someone wonderful got scared and faded away, enjoy.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)


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