Kevin Recommends: “Grandloves” by Purity Ring

Sometimes you just don’t find a song at the right time. For whatever reason the timing doesn’t work out. You guys might have something else going on that gets in the way of what could be a really great thing for you two. It might be that the song isn’t what you’re traditionally attracted to, so you don’t ever really consider its merit. Maybe you’re already committed to looping another song on the album (lookin’ at you, “Lofticries”). Realistically, though, it’s probably just that the song isn’t what you’re in the mood to listen to at the moment.

But then sometimes circumstances change, and the universe brings you two back together. And you guys…

…well, you guys just vibe.

That’s what happened with me when I heard “Grandloves” the first time. I did not care for it. At all. I’d be listening to Purity Ring’s Shrines, and every time this song rolled up I couldn’t hit skip fast enough. It just didn’t work for me. Not one bit. No vibe whatsoever.

Fast-forward to end-of-summer of last year, roughly five years after the album dropped. I’ve been going through a rough time, kind of at my wits’ end. Trying to get my head back on straight after mentally revisiting dark places I hadn’t been to in years. I’m at work, chilling on Spotify, random songs pumping in my earbuds because I can’t find any song that works. “Grandloves” rolls up in the queue, and, for whatever reason, those opening notes don’t make me start mashing skip this time.

I sit.

And I listen.

And I feel.

And we finally vibe.

Been in a happy and contented relationship with “Grandloves” ever since. Nothing gets me gloom-shimmying around my apartment quite the way this song does.

Love you, bb. Let’s listen to you again.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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