Kevin Recommends: “I Feel Better” by Hot Chip

not pictured: hot chip

Life’s short.

Often too short.

Being reminded of that can get you down.

When I start reflecting on the brevity of existence, and I get the panic and dread and shakes, I like to think on the words of Hot Chip in their song “I Feel Better:”

 “Nothing is wasted, a life is worth living.
Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars.
There is a day that is yours for embracing.
Everything’s nothing, and nothing is ours.”

Let’s get pumped up my dudes.

Embrace today and LIVE.

After all, you never know when a bald dude is going to float into your show and blast you with mouth lasers, absorbing your essence into his own and reincarnating you, only for you to once again meet your demise from the eye lasers of a disembodied floating head dude.


It could totally happen.

Check out the video, you’ll see.

Seriously Peter Serafinowicz you beautiful bastard you made one of my favorite music videos for one of my favorite songs.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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