Kevin Recommends: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

Do you guys like karaoke? Of course you do. I know I do, even though I’m a shy and nervous guy. Jolene is one of my staples, and when I start belting it in the middle of a drunken karaoke night, let me tell you‒it gets results.

In spite of Jolene’s up-tempo speed, there’s a mournful, funerary quality to the song that I’ve always been attracted to. Dolly is pleading, begging, and still fighting for her man, but I dunno‒it’s almost as if she knows she’s already lost the contest with Jolene. I guess what matters is that she took a stand and fought for what’s hers, regardless of whether she thought she could win or not.

I suggest that you put this song on, don your best western shirt and bolo tie, find a flaming-haired bitch named Jolene, and fuck up her day.

No one takes your man.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you’re done with Dolly but can’t get enough of the song and you need a little change of speed, here’s a different take that I’m also partial to:

The White Stripes do a hell of a job I tell you what.

(Song recommendation by Kevin Woodall)

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