Kevin Recommends: “Lemon Glow” by Beach House

Naming favorite bands is always hard, but Beach House is definitely Top 5 for me, primarily because they make me feel things, which has been more and more difficult to experience with each passing year. Every time I listen to them I feel like I’m captured by a tidal wave of sound and taken on a voyage through an iridescent cloud of pink and blue and gold, deposited into a beautiful voidspace where the only living beings are those of pure emotion and feeling.

Beach House is frequently labelled as “dream pop,” and I partially understand why, but I think that appellation is a bit of a misnomer which fails to capture the depth and breadth of their oeuvre (side note: that might just be the most pretentious fucking sentence I’ve ever written). Their songs are dreamy, sure, but not in that day-dreamy, lost-and-okay-with-it way typically associated with “dream pop.” Beach House’s sound is powerful and strong and deliberate; a sad, joyous, melancholic, rapturous sound that’s too complicated to be summed up simply as being “dreamy.”

Their music must be cranked up as loud as your ears can take, and then you must crank it up a little bit more after that. You need to feel it deep in your body, and only a level of beyond-maximum-volume can get it in you the right way. This is particularly true with their newest single, “Lemon Glow,” which they just blessed us with a few days ago.

Let them bathe you in their wellspring of feeling, and allow their current to sweep you away.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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