Kevin Recommends: “Scrape” by Chelsea Wolfe


Some friends of mine went to a metal festival in Vegas last summer, and they came back spreading a gospel of DOOM.

“Dude, like, I dunno how I never heard of her, but man, Chelsea Wolfe is, like, she’s like my Queen. I want to go to her Temple and like, worship her. She’s Lana del Rey, but for like, metal kids. She’s…amazing.”

Now I’m not typically a metal kind of guy. Sure, I got love for some metal, but it’s not really the genre I gravitate toward. I’m more of a synth-driven kind of dude. But the reverence in their voices for Chelsea Wolfe piqued my interest, and a little while later I got around to looking her up. Turns out she had just dropped a new album entitled Hiss Spun, so I figured why not give that a spin?

Holy fuck guys.


She is the Prime Witch.

She is a Queen among Queens.

She is Galadriel, departing Aman in the west alongside the armies of the Noldor, furious and proud and graceful in her wroth, iron-backed and resolute in her determination to reclaim the Silmarils stolen by Morgoth.

…apologies to all non-Tolkien fanatics for the comparison, but holy shit guys.

Just give yourself over to her spell and join the coven.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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