Kevin Recommends: “Shadow” by Chromatics

                            Isn’t it too dreamy?

You know that homesick feeling you get sometimes?

Not the normal one, simply wishing you were back home, but the other one. The one that has you pining for a place you’re not entirely sure you’ve ever been to, or whether it even exists. A yearning so strong that you get a little choked up and teary when you feel it.

That’s what this song makes me feel. It anchors me in the present, yet I feel like I’m floating through someone else’s distant dream.

My first time hearing this track came when I was watching Twin Peaks: The Return; this song closed out the two-part opener of the season. It was the perfect choice to cap off a strange but wonderful two episodes of television. It’s also the perfect choice for listening to when you’re driving along a highway at midnight on a moonless night, with your way forward lit only by the headlights of your black Cadillac and the stars in the sky.

Come on, give it a listen. Sway with me.

Let’s go back to a place we’ve never been.

(Song recommendation by Kevin D. Woodall)

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