Kevin Recommends: “The Warmth” by Incubus

                                                 Incubus lololol

Dear readers, you have guilty pleasures. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. We all have those pleasures that make us feel guilty and exposed— the things we can’t share for fear of judgment.

Not too long ago your humble editors were discussing guilty pleasure music, and a mutual one both of us had was Incubus. Frankly, though, I’m not sure why we feel guilty about it. Incubus was the hottest fucking fire in the early 2000s. It would have been more lame if either of us didn’t like Incubus, to be honest.

Today, I want to change that line of thinking. I’m here to say fuck the “guilty” part of “guilty pleasure.” Own the music that brings you joy. Have the courage to like what you like. Fuck those who judge you for it.

Incubus’ The Warmth has a blunt, honest message that got me through some tough times when I was an angst-ridden sixteen year old, and it’s a message I’ll share with you now.

Experience the warmth before you grow old.

(Song recommendation by Kevin Woodall)

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