Kiley Recommends: “Wooden Heart” by Listener

Listener is such an appropriate name for this group of humans. The ideas and observations in this song require a stillness that only comes with listening intently. The music sways and swells and washes upon the shore of my heart, and although the band has seen members come and go, as Dan Smith sings, “we only have what we remember.”

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of music videos. I usually prefer the first experience with a piece of music to be completely aural, and although I enjoy and make visual art, I often find the music video to be a distraction. I’m not interested in images that take away from the truth in the music and lyrics. Just give me the sound, man…

However, the video for “Wooden Heart” only strengthens the message. Perseverance. Hope. The will to live, even when you’re barely making it. I’ll dive deep one more time to try to save what I love.

I also urge you to read the complete lyrics on their own. They are pleading and humble, and they are brilliant. “My hopes are weapons that I’m still learning how to use right, but they’re heavy and I’m awkward. I’m always running out of fight.” The wisdom in these words paired with the rhythmic delivery and atmospheric guitars buoy my spirit.

It’s difficult to look at the world and not see the sinking ship. Corruption, violence, inequality. It’s enough to drive anyone mad, “but I still believe in saviors.” We have the ability, and even the responsibility, as human beings to spur each other on to better lives, to shock each other back to life. I hope this song has maybe helped in some way.

Sometimes all I need is 5 minutes to refocus. I just need 5 minutes of peace, 5 minutes of good music. After all, “everything falls apart at the exact same time it all comes together perfectly for the next step.”

(Song recommendation by Kiley Lee)

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