Kim Recommends “Coming Back” by Mitch King

Hands down, my most-played song for the end of the year is Mitch King’s “Coming Back.” I found this song sometime over the summer and have played it more often than any other song this year. I listen to Pandora all day at work and I’ll create stations based on a song or band I like — this one showed up on a station based on The Dead South.

“Coming Back” is moody, reflective and has a sense of urgency behind it. Not many things in this world can give me the “feels” but music is one of them, and some songs make me close my eyes and just feelthe moment. They inspire me to create, or inspire me to dance. This is one of those songs. There is so much passion in the way Mitch sings and plays the song that I get swept into this place where it’s just me and the song. I nearly have to stop what I’m doing just so I can experience the song — especially during the guitar solo. The whole song is deliciously rich and full, which is incredible considering it’s a one-man performance.

Yup…just one guy. I heard the song before I played the music video. I expected maybe a 2 or 3 person ensemble when I first heard the song. The song is played with Mitch on microphone, guitar, harmonica, and one foot on the bass drum and one foot for the tambourine. It’s incredible. I’ve heard some of his other songs but haven’t watched videos, so I don’t know if most of his songs are like that.

This is one of those songs I crank when I need to remember that no matter how busy life gets, I can always immerse myself in a song like “Coming Home” and come out a better person when the song ends. It worked its way pretty quickly to the top of my own “Songs That Make the World Less Sucky” list.


(Song recommendation by Kim Wolkens)

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