Koty Recommends: “It’s A Wonderful Life” by Sparklehorse

It’s that time of summer where the warmth of the season is still here but you know it’s not going to last much longer. The days have already begun to get shorter, the nighttime air has become a little sharper, and something about it has you a bit wistful about it all.

I always know summer’s hit a turning point when I’m listening to Sparklehorse and feeling sad yet hopeful at the same time. Sweet melancholy in full bloom.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is full embodiment of that exact feeling. It’s the kind of song I want to listen to on a warm day while lying on a blanket in the grass underneath an oak tree noticing the way the sunlight is filtering through the leaves of the trees.

What is it about noticing the complexities of life and the world around us that can make us feel so whole yet lonely at the same time? The only thing better than these small experiences of reflection that come and go is finding someone who understands exactly what these moments are like.

Songwriter Mark Linkous was famous for capturing them in the dreamlike, fragile, lo-fi/high-fi landscape of sounds of Sparklehorse.

Here’s to the dark and beautiful shades of life and all the potential this season still has to bring.

(Song recommendation by Koty Neelis)

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