Lee Recommends: “People Make The World Go Round” by The Stylistics

In these intense, changing times, I’m increasingly looking inwards for answers. Countries fight with each other and between themselves, the media would have us believe there’s a threat lurking around every corner. When you look beyond the façade that is created for us, you see that there is so much good work going on, so much love, support and hope. Yes, hope. It does lurk there in the darkness.

Going inwards in the quest for answers involves turning to music, inevitably. “People Make The World Go Round” contains a mantra for our times, it’s melodic chorus, backed by the gentle but funky band: “That’s what makes the world go round/The up and downs, a carousel…People make the world go ‘round”.

And there it is, so wonderfully said. In the darkness, the tough times, the sadness — there is a message. It’s people that make the world mad, bad and sad but hang on in there… at least there’s hope. And music.

(Song recommendation by Lee D. Thompson)

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