Lindsey Recommends: “Exchange” by Bryson Tiller

From the opening notes, “Exchange” sounds like butterflies. Like getting back together and falling in love again and staring at someone like a moron for 100 hours in a row while groping each other over your clothes in an effort to make sure you’re not making a mistake by getting physical too soon this time around.

Are you warm? I’m warm. I’m just going to take off my sweater.


It’s been 3 and a half years since Bryson Tiller’s first record was released and you’ve still probably only heard of him because of DJ Khaled and Rihanna and “Wild Thoughts” or maybe that’s just my friends over here on this island of Idaho.

I started listening to Exchange on repeat, and hearing the lyrics “I’ve been driving back and forth from Louisville to Lexington — Mileage,” I showed a picture of Tiller to my husband, who’s from Louisville, and asked, “DO YOU KNOW HIM?!” I’ve also done this with all the members of Nappy Roots and Jennifer Lawrence and that’s why my husband thinks I’m a fucking idiot. But it’s fine. He loves me anyway. And always will. And maybe that’s why I love this song that makes me yearn for a time when I yearned for something.

I know it seems daft to romanticize the uncertainty of the tumultuous relationships of my past, but it was something to wonder — to put myself out there to someone who I knew still loved me too, or at least wouldn’t mind coming over at 2am to assuage our loneliness.

“Give me all of you in exchange for me.”

(Song recommendation by Lindsey Hileman)

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