Lysz Flo Recommends: “Freedom” by Beyoncé (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Sybrina Fulton, Lezley McSpadden, and Gwen Carr in Lemonade


I have heard the echo of all of us being exhausted on all levels. We fall into despair when thinking about changing a whole system rooted in racism and hatred. It feels too big for a people who are already suffering from micro-aggressions, mental health disparities, financial gatekeeping, and our complex, generational healing journey through life. We are overwhelmed, afraid, outraged, and TIRED of yelling into a void. 

Before becoming complacent or completely detaching, I think “Freedom” can bring Black people back to ourselves. It allows us our weaknesses, it humanizes us with our flaws, and pushes us to rise up again. It’s the second wind, when our breath continues to be taken from our loved ones.

When I hear his song, it holds my heart and gives me space to be angry, frustrated, determined, and understood. Kendrick’s part is the struggle of our day to day with the end reminding us– Freedom is where we find peace. There is rage and a message to keep moving forward towards freedom. I find my way out of the hopelessness that the re-traumatizing grief of continual murder and dehumanization in America wears on me. 

I recommend watching this video in Lemonade. It reverberates through my skin as I can feel the energetic intention through Beyoncé’s grimaces and facial expressions.

This, to me, is the Black superhero music we all need when fighting for our lives against systemic oppression and injustice, and for reform. 

Lysz Flo is a, trilingual spoken word artist, author of fiction and poetry, member of The Estuary Collective, and a podcast host of Creatively Exposed. Read her poetry novel “Soliloquy of an Ice Queen.”

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