Memoir Mixtape Vol.1 / B-Sides

Crazy Horses by Barbara A. Meier

Because I never know the Osmonds sang  hard rock and  “Riders in the Storm” grew out of Ghostriders In the Sky

White tails upon the water,  manes of frothy sea foam,
curling up to bed upon the shore
Dirty dreams of crazy horses  skirting  southward
Hooves ripping wrenching  sandgates
in a receding flow, the water winded
on the rocky shoal

Crazy horses, crashing waves
Galloping onward till the break of a day,
carrying silver saddlebags
on a metallic pathway to the sun,
finds the body hefted shore ways
and becomes the rider in the passing

About the Author:

Barbara A Meier is really just a farm girl from Kansas who now looks at Pacific waves instead of waves of grain. She teaches Kindergarten in Gold Beach, Or. She has been published in Metonym, Birds-Highland Park Poetry, Nature Writing, Poetry Pacific, The Poeming Pigeon, and Cacti Fur. Click here to visit Barbara at her blog.

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